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Waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ to start your fitness journey is a very dangerous mindset to allow in, as we’ve all seen, there is no such thing as a perfect moment. We live in the now because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow and there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to embrace the best version of YOU!

Become the absolute best and strongest version of yourself, mentally and physically, as we build a sustainable lifestyle that sets you free from the constraints of a traditional diet and exercise routine.

Over the past 11 years I’ve worked hard on ‘perfecting’ my own health and fitness journey and I want to show you how we can do that for you in just 10 weeks.

No need to unplug the motherboard or hit reset, I work with you to rewire and rework your current process in order to get to your goals.


WEEK 1 – Nutrition Basics & Goal Setting
WEEK 2 – NEAT, Progressive Overload, The Different Macros, Tracking Mistakes
WEEK 3 – Biofeedback, Habits,
WEEK 4 – Walking, Sleep & Recovery
WEEK 5 – Alcohol, Stay on Track, DOMs & Stress Management
WEEK 6 – Resistance Training & Fibre
WEEK 7 – Eating Out & The Menstrual Cycle
WEEK 8 – Training Intensity, Compound Lifts & Hydration. 
WEEK 9 – Metabolic Adaption, Diet Breaks & Refeeds, The Gut-Brain Axis
WEEK 10 – Reverse Dieting & Myth Busting



Everyone is different – if we all ate and trained the same, we would still be different.


Forget all or nothing – the harder we are on ourselves & the stricter we are with our approach to our health & fitness, and the less sustainable it will be.


I am a huge advocate for strength training and my goal is to make more women feel confident in and out of the gym. Lifting weights & getting strong has many physical benefits as well as mental ones. 


I strongly believe in a holistic approach to health & wellness where I don’t only focus on training and nutrition, but also on sleep, stress management, mindset, community, and everything else in your life to help you become the best version of yourself. 


Education is one of the best investments you will ever make in and for yourself, and something you should never ‘skimp’ on. All things are possible because anything can be learned. I pride myself on constant learning as well as unlearning. I want to bring the same joy and confidence in learning to my beautiful clients. 


I’ve spent so much of my life feeling insecure, binge eating, punishing myself with exercise. I had moved countries and put on a bit of weight when I first started training with Dom. I remember feeling so helpless and I was about to try some crazy 1200 calorie diet. THANK GOODNESS I began this journey instead and I’ve never looked back. I lost the weight I had put on, and more. I became strong. I learnt about the importance of protein, the importance of looking after and nourishing your body, the value of movement and the positive impact it has on life as a whole, not just weight. The value of walking, slowing down, listening to your body, and not being so hard on yourself.

I’ve now moved countries again, started a new job and gone through a pretty chaotic time, I’ve traveled and socialized, ate pizzas and drank wine and I never beat myself up afterwards.  I just go back to the basics that Dom taught me, focusing on protein, staying at Maintenance and moving my body each day, even if it’s just walking to work instead of taking the train, I’ve managed to stay healthy and fit, and feeling good overall.

I know that this is my lifestyle now and I will forever be grateful to Dom.

I can’t wait to keep on getting fitter, stronger and happier with Dom as my coach💪🏼”

Henk & Laura De Wet, Co-founders & owners of Barbell Bullies Private Gym

Dom has worked as a coach at Barbell Bullies for almost two years and is one of our top qualified trainers.

Dom’s knowledge regarding fitness and physiology has grown substantially and can put a lot into practice not only for her own lifting but those of her clients. She communicates and works excellently with different types of people.

Dom has produced excellent results for her clients and is great at designing, developing, and implementing training programs. She is passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals and provides high-energy programs combining the latest techniques in nutrition and exercise science.


Dom is the most incredible trainer

Her care & passion she puts into her sessions is evident and she is always there with her huge amounts of knowledge to help with any questions I had. I love training with Dom, it’s just like training with a best friend who has seriously impressive skills and is just an all round amazing human. I couldn’t recommend her more.


My experience has been truly life-changing. I learnt so much in 10 weeks. Dom presents deeply researched topics that are relevant for your life. We even covered topics that I didn’t realise could affect me and my lifestyle. I loved learning from someone who has walked the walk, and she is also someone who is extremely inclusive. Dom has become so much more to me than a coach in such a short time.