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3 Simple Approaches to Re-Empower Yourself

We all fall into a rut sometimes. Instead of trying to push through these moments, take a practical approach to managing your energy. Here are some simple ways to give yourself a little boost when you’re feeling down.

1. Write your goal on a sticky note. This might be your overall health and fitness goal or a micro goal/ process (the thing that is motivating you to do well on your goal or what process is going to get you there). Keep it at your desk as a constant visual reminder of why you do what you do, especially when things are exhausting or stressful.

For example: Strength is built in the gym! Show up for at least 3 sessions this week.

2. Create “a wall of encouragement.” Take any messages of encouragement, awards, positive feedback, or even memes that make you laugh and put them near your desk or store them in a digital folder. Look at them when you need to feel re-energised and appreciated.

You could also create a wallpaper or Lock Screen for your laptop/ phone as a constant reminder 

3. Write up a to-don’t list. What things are you currently doing that are sucking up your energy? Identify which ones you can stop doing and put them on a list. These might be certain people that you decide not to see, habits that you want to break, or tedious tasks that can be automated or delegated.

For example: my to-don’t list includes – stop saying yes to everyone. I need to save some energy for myself.